Serving the Worman’s Mill Community
The Worman’s Mill Civic Association of Frederick, MD was created out of the need for an advocacy group which would act as liaison between the Conservancy as well as the government.
Our mission is the promotion of the common interest of the homeowners and/or tenant residents of Worman’s Mill. This is accomplished through fostering a sense of community.
The May Civic Association Meeting on the MD School for the Deaf was a success
The Maryland School for the Deaf has been at the forefront of shaping educational trends for deaf and hard of hearing children and youth since 1868.
The MSD provides Maryland residents, FREE, appropriate, public education to our deaf and hard of hearing.
We had the opportunity to meet with a teacher and students on May 15th. We had the opportunity to learn about one of the most important programs available to Maryland students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Representatives from the Maryland School for the Deaf attended our May meeting. It was held at the Clubhouse on May 15. We were amazed at what MSD has to offer Maryland children who are deaf. We were all educated!!!