Serving the Worman’s Mill Community
The Worman’s Mill Civic Association of Frederick, MD was created out of the need for an advocacy group which would act as liaison between the Conservancy as well as the government.
Our mission is the promotion of the common interest of the homeowners and/or tenant residents of Worman’s Mill. This is accomplished through fostering a sense of community.
  Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater gave a great Talk on Jan. 18, 2024
Jessica Fitzwater discussed her work that she has done as County Executive since she was elected in December 5, 2022. There were several questions asked including schools overcrowding due to too many homes being built in Frederick County.
Our next presentation will be on Transit in Frederick. It will be given by Jamie McKay, Deputy Director, Transit Services Division · Frederick County Government, It will be hybrid at 7 pm March 20. Watch for more information.
Executive Fitzwater’s Administration prioritizes the values of inclusion, sustainability, and accountability while working to fulfill the Livable Frederick vision. She understands the needs of the community.