Serving the Worman’s Mill Community
The Worman’s Mill Civic Association of Frederick, MD was created out of the need for an advocacy group which would act as liaison between the Conservancy as well as the government.
Our mission is the promotion of the common interest of the homeowners and/or tenant residents of Worman’s Mill. This is accomplished through fostering a sense of community.
           Mayor Michael O’Connor will be our Speaker for the Nov. Presenation
Our Mayor really does not need an introduction since he is well known to all of us. He is actually a native of Frederick MD, born in Frederick. He was an Alderman before being elected Mayor in 2017. He establishes the city budget.
The program will be at 7 pm on Nov. 8 in the Clubhouse. We encourage attendance there, but the program will also be available virtually with Zoom. Set your calendars for Nov. 8, 2023 at 7 p.m. for this Zoom meeting.
He establishes the budget priorities not the Board of Aldermen. So we should let him know what should be done in Frederick. He will come prepared to talk about a large number of topics that may include, our traffic, the crime rate, and many more.