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The Burglary Basics:
 The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE to report a CRIME or any SUSPICIOUS activity. You have to be the eyes of your neighborhood. You can always remain a pair of anonymous eyes!
Click on this link for a list of home prevention tips from the City of Frederick Police Department.  The following link also contains tips to prevent automotive crime.
Virtual Meeting with the Police Chief
The speaker for our January 19, 2022 meeting was police Chief Jason Lando. When he became Chief he said he was doing a lot of listening before considering any changes. “One of the biggest challenges is getting to know a whole entire police department that's wearing masks,” he said. Lando said he spent much of his first two weeks behind a desk out of necessity, then started gradually meeting members of the community. He believes one of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement is ensuring police work collaboratively with the community. Too often, he’s found, police are policing a neighborhood the way they think it should be policed, without getting local input. It’s important to recognize, Lando said, that criminalizing issues like addiction, mental health struggles and homelessness do not make them go away. “That’s not something we can arrest our way out of,” he said. “We have the backing of the community on whatever policies we roll out. There were many questions from the virtual audience.
The "Of Concern..." column which appears on this Website and which is also sent out to those who have opted in for our email address system is designed to provide a means of expression to those who have concerns regarding what they see happening in Worman's Mill. Up to this time, although others have been invited to contribute to the column, none   More