Serving the Worman’s Mill Community
January 21, 2009 (5:30 p.m.)
Frederick Community College (FCC) Cougar Café

Board of Directors Present:  Carol Goldstein, President; Judy Haines, Treasurer; Wendall Eaton, Director – At – Large; Thomas Schuerger, Director – At – Large; Joe Volz, Director – At – Large; and Noel Farmer, Secretary

I. Announcements
President Carol Goldstein announced that there would not be a Business Section at each General Meeting.  There would be Business Sections at the General Meetings when needed and as required by the WMCA By-Laws.  She also stated that the WMCA Board of Directors was pursuing the construction of a WMCA web-site and communication to the membership via e-mail. Carol responded to a WMCA member in the audience that if a member does not have internet access the association would send the material to them in the mail provided that they give their address to one of the WMCA Board Officers.  

Carol indicated that the times and dates of the WMCA Board of Directors Planning Meetings at the Worman’s Mill Clubhouse would be announced in the Mill Monitor.  In this way, public comment could be made at the beginning of each planning meeting.  

Carol thanked Jim Randle for all of his help with the building of the Route 26 ramp and the approval of the Route 15/26 interchange.  All we need now is the funding of this interchange.  Mr. Randle will be resigning from this duty now that these objectives have been accomplished.  Carol will be looking for a replacement for Mr. Randle.